Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ganging aft a-gley

Well loyal readers- er, reader- er- let's start again!

Well it seems that my plan to update this blog daily has fallen flat on its ass right out of the gate. To be fair, it's not MY fault; I'm not sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs and refreshing instead of updating. I moved into my university residence today and discovered, to my endless dismay, that the internet will not be up and running until Tuesday. Tuesday!!!! I mean sure I'll be at the theatre for most of tomorrow, and the university itself (plus Williams Cafe, where I am currently situated) has free wifi, but! No! Internet! I, like Anne Shirley, am in the depth of despair.

. . . well at least I'll be able to write with fewer distractions. In the meantime, tally ho, and please enjoy this complementary photo of the chicken ceasar wrap I had for lunch.

Has anyone ever finished one of these? Like, entirely? I think not.

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